VoIP (Computer Phone) Warning

Caution! Warning! Caution!

Beware of VoIP net provider providers that operate on enterprise preferred codec and industry standard protocols because they are PUBLICLY OPEN and INTERPRETABLE! This also includes, but isn't limited to, peer-to-peer (P2P) networks.

In undeniable phrases, this means, if you subscribe to, or considering subscribing to a VoIP net solution company who operates on these industry standards - and over 90% do -- you have inadvertently made yourself vulnerable to the criminal sports of hackers.

Regardless of the type of anti virus software program you have to your pc, the publicly accessible enterprise requirements provide a pathway via which those criminals can get admission to your computer to plant viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and/or scouse borrow your identity.

Like sharks in a feeding frenzy, unscrupulous criminal hackers view structures operating on these industry standards as their private "coins Cow" due to the ease by means of which they can get right of entry to your laptop and acquire your information to sell to other criminals.

Did you understand that a few hacker-friendly carriers provide processor chips that are only sold at the net?

Did you understand that hacker-friendly carriers surely offer hacker software that enables those criminals to intentionally disable safety on computer systems, get right of entry to your personal and private information, in addition to inject their viruses, worms, and/or Trojan horses?

As an example, "Vomit" is a free download software that changed into designed to transform VoIP phone conversations into a wave report which can be played with wellknown sound players. Hackers gleefully interpret this as a tool they could utilize to assault unsuspecting victims.

Hacker manuals are also without difficulty on hand via the net. This type of manuals indicates a way to DoS different web sites. DoSing (Disruption of provider) involves gaining unauthorized get admission to to the "command prompt" to your pc and the usage of it to tie up your vital net services. While a hacker invades your gadget, they can then delete or create documents and emails, alter safety capabilities, and plant viruses or time bombs onto your pc.

"Sniff" is another device (at the beginning intended to help telecommunication experts stumble on and remedy issues) that criminal hackers use to tamper with the protocol and "sniff out" statistics. When hackers sniff out a data packet from net site visitors, they reconstruct it to intercept conversations. This permits them to eavesdrop on conversations, accumulate facts, and sell it to different unprincipled criminal entities.

Identity theft

identification robbery is one of the maximum sinister of vulnerabilities you can inadvertently be subjected to. Identity theft is defined with the aid of the branch of Justice as

"...The wrongful acquiring and the use of of someone else's personal information in a few way that includes fraud or deception, commonly for monetary advantage."

identity robbery is the by-product of unscrupulous criminal people obtaining your social safety range (which includes the ones of your partner and kids), your financial institution account, your credit score card records, and many others. Your information is then sold to different criminal entities for profit. The usage of your statistics, these criminals can then:

· get admission to your bank account price range

· create new bank debts along with your records

· create driving force's licenses

· create passports

attorney preferred Ashcroft stated that,

"identity robbery incorporates a heavy price, each within the damage to individuals whose identities are stolen and the tremendous value to the us's corporations."

do not be naïve sufficient to assume it won't occur or couldn't happen to you!

A group web hosting a internet site called shadowcrew.Com become indicted on conspiracy fees for stealing credit score card numbers and identification documents, then promoting them online. While this organization allegedly trafficked $1.7 million in stolen credit card numbers, in addition they prompted losses in excess of $4 million.

Consistent with a Press launch issued through the branch of Justice on February 28, 2005, a hacker was convicted of several counts of fraud, one wherein

"...He fraudulently possessed more than 15 pc usernames and passwords belonging to different individuals for the purpose of accessing their bank and economic offerings debts, commencing on line bank debts inside the names of those individuals, and shifting budget to unauthorized accounts."

if you are the usage of a VoIP internet service provider and do not want to be a victim of identity robbery, then take the first step to guard your self -- do not use VoIP internet service vendors operating on industry wellknown codec and enterprise general protocols.

Viruses, Worms, and Trojan Horses

On January 28, 2005, a press launch issued by using the branch of Justice reported that a 19 12 months antique was convicted for his criminal activity with the aid of "...Growing and unleashing a variant of the MS Blaster pc computer virus." Christopher Wray, lawyer general - crook department said that,

"This ... Malicious assault on the facts superhighway induced an financial and technological disruption that changed into felt around the sector."

On February 11, 2005, in a Press release issued with the aid of the branch of Justice, stated that every other criminal turned into sentenced for circulating a trojan horse. This malicious program,

"directed the infected computer systems to release a distributed denial of provider (DOS) attack towards Microsoft's predominant web website inflicting the web page to shutdown and as a consequence have become inaccessible to the general public for approximately 4 hours."

March 7, 2005, Symantec.Com published discovery of a computer virus named "W32.Serflog.B" that spread thru document-sharing networks and MSN Messenger - networks that perform on publicly open and interpretable enterprise standard codec and protocols, inclusive of P2P structures, as well as instant Messaging systems--none of which are protected, no matter the anti virus software program to your laptop. The W32.Serflog.B worm additionally lowers protection settings and looks as a blank message window at the MSN Messenger.

If you do not want to be the subsequent victim of the devastation created with the aid of worms, prevent using offerings that function on enterprise preferred codec and protocols, and/or offerings that comprise P2P systems.

Anti virus software program does not include safety for immediate Messaging offerings. In addition, on the spot Messaging offerings, in and of themselves, do now not include protection for their customers.

If you like the convenience of text chatting through immediate Messaging, then use a VoIP net provider company that includes the immediate Messaging characteristic -- one that does not function on industry trendy codec or enterprise widespread protocols which can be publicly open and reachable.

Optimally secure VoIP provider companies that contain a secure instant Messaging feature, perform from their personal proprietary high end encryption codec on patented generation that is hosted in a professional facility. Honestly placed, while a VoIP internet carrier provider operates on optimally comfy platforms, the instant Messaging feature at the VoIP softphone, is likewise protected with their generation.

A bug is a program that net criminals use to interrupt and intrude along with your protection software program and produces the subsequent consequences

· Terminates strategies

· removes registry entries

· Stops services

· Delete files

Hackers, who've won get right of entry to for your pc, due to the applications and software program as stated above, are having a discipline day incorporating this nasty little application into their arsenal of guns.

As lately as March 4, 2005, a brand new malicious program became discovered that modified settings in net Explorer. Home windows 2000, home windows 95, home windows 98, windows Me, home windows NT, windows Server 2003, and home windows XP were the suggested systems that could be affected.

Here's the bottom line.

1. In case you are currently using a VoIP net answer provider that operates on enterprise wellknown codec and industry trendy protocols that are publicly open and interpretable, you want to make your mind up:

a. Retain attractive criminal hackers and stay on their service, or

b. Take immediate corrective motion.

2. In case you are currently the use of instant Messaging of any kind, you need to determine

a. Maintain enticing criminal hackers and continue to be as a person of their service, or

b. Take instantaneous corrective movement.

If making a decision to take instantaneous corrective movement:

1. Discover a VoIP internet answer issuer that has their personal proprietary high end encryption codec

2. Discover a VoIP internet answer company that has their own proprietary patented technology

3. Find a VoIP internet solution provider that hosts their proprietary patented era in a expert facility

4. Discover a VoIP internet solution company that consists of the immediately Messaging feature in their proprietary patented era

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