The Adverse Effects of Technology - Part II

My earlier article entitled "unfavourable effect of generation" led to an avalanche of email from readers, all predominantly favorable. In that article I positioned forth an remark that "As the use of generation will increase, social talents decreases." I want to take this idea a touch similarly herein.

Before we had computers and the sophisticated communication gadgets we now have in the paintings location, there was a variety of manual processing involved. Orders had been processed manually, as have been shipments, monetary transactions, and lots of different enterprise tactics. All concerned large office work with documents, reports, journals, logs, spreadsheets, etc. We of direction used the modern technology of the day which protected things like typewriters, adding machines, submitting structures, cash registers, and tabulating equipment. Although, the emphasis changed into on guide processing which supposed we had been compelled to work together, like it or now not, as a result the want for better interpersonal communications. In other phrases, out of sheer necessity we were pressured to socialise in order for the employer to feature nicely. Because the business strategies were so arduous, organizations might worry about losing time on a venture, for this reason the want for long variety planning.

Today, digital automation is used to implement pretty much every business system in a enterprise. The concept of running with out laptop support or digital communications is unimaginable. Actual, such gadgets have been able to expedite the processes, but in doing so people now not should engage on the way to satisfy their jobs, as a result the breakdown in interpersonal communications. And due to the fact our obligations are not as exhausting as they once have been, the era lets in us to make modifications at the fly. Therefore, lengthy variety planning has been sacrificed and reactionary management practices have taken their area. In reality, long variety planning continues to be very tons wished in order to stay aggressive in a world financial system, however this isn't the attitude in modern-day company cultures anymore.

As I noted in my article, we've advanced an overt dependency on our generation which leads to 3 areas of subject: first, that a organisation involves a standstill when the electricity is disrupted (we will no longer perform the commercial enterprise methods); second, it tends to emphasize short-time period planning instead of lengthy variety (whereby we're content material to perform small tasks), and; 0.33, fundamental interpersonal family members are negatively affected because we're not forced to have interaction with others.

Again, i'm maximum genuinely not anti-generation, however neither am I anti-human socialization. If i have found out anything in the 30+ years of experience in the facts structures industry, it is that human beings count number maximum of all; that it is folks that use statistics, no longer generation; that tasks and business tactics are accomplished by way of human-beings, now not robots; that it's miles the human-being that's of paramount importance in the whole lot.

I have always located it as a substitute clean to educate people generation, In fact, it is distinctly smooth to application someone to apply a selected tool. However it is a lot greater hard to teach them the socialization talents to efficiently engage with others. That is why our corporate slogan remains, "software program for the best computer - the mind.

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