Mark Hamill begs fans to stop DMing him on Twitter

Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker.

Twitter can put fans in direct internet contact with their acting heroes. Mark Hamill, beloved for his role of Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars franchise, has always been down to chat with fans on the service, but now he's putting limits on his interactions.

Hamill tweeted a heartfelt message Tuesday asking fans to stop sending him direct messages.

"To remain on Twitter I can't respond to DMs anymore. No way to keep up w/ the daily barrage of requests for Donations-Phone Calls-Signatures-Skypes-Birthday Greetings, etc," Hamill wrote. He ended it with a polite "Hope you understand. Love you all but can't keep up w/ all the demands! #NoDMsPLEASE."

Mark Hamill

 To remain on Twitter I can't respond to DMs anymore. No way to keep up w/ the daily barrage of requests for Donations-Phone Calls-Signatures-Skypes-Birthday Greetings, etc. Hope you understand. Love you all but can't keep up w/ all the demands! #NoDMsPLEASE

5:08 AM - Aug 1, 2018
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A helpful fan told Hamill he could adjust his Twitter settings to only receive direct messages from people he follows.

Another fan dropped a joke into the thread, writing, "Mark, can you sign my petition to keep Twitter DMs open? It would mean a lot to me. And to the people." Hamill responded with "Good one!" and a GIF of a face-palming, laughing chimp.

Mark Hamill

 · 1 Aug
 To remain on Twitter I can't respond to DMs anymore. No way to keep up w/ the daily barrage of requests for Donations-Phone Calls-Signatures-Skypes-Birthday Greetings, etc. Hope you understand. Love you all but can't keep up w/ all the demands! #NoDMsPLEASE

Chris Aung-Thwin

Mark, can you sign my petition to keep Twitter DMs open? It would mean a lot to me. And to the people.

6:43 AM - Aug 1, 2018
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Some fans thought Hamill's DMs may have already been closed to the general public, but the actor could still be receiving messages from people he had prior direct conversations with, even if his account to set to block messages from users he doesn't follow.

Twitter developer David LaMacchia publicly responded to Hamill's tweet, offering to look into the DM issue. "Hey Mark, I work at Twitter and saw this," LaMacchia wrote. "I've forwarded this concern to some other engineers. Would love to ask you a few questions because I want to get more info about the issue. If you get time to DM me (the irony!) please do!"

Madden 19 goes for emotion again, but what it needs most is to be portable

I'm sitting on my sofa, Xbox One controller in hand, playing Madden 19. I'm playing Longshot mode -- it's the second storyline mode that EA Sports has added to its annual NFL game.

I didn't play Longshot when it was introduced last year. It didn't interest me at all. I play Madden as a way to learn about the NFL season, and model future games that my favorite troubled team, the New York Jets, might play. I play it as penance for a weird childhood going to Jets games I only half liked, and an adulthood where I've become addicted to following the team my dad used to love before he died.

Madden and I are old friends.

I'm playing Madden even though the NFL has become a bizarre landscape. And I no longer have season tickets to Jets games. And I find it harder to care about any of it in the real world.

21 awesome video games you can finish in one evening
Longshot: Homecoming ended up sucking me in. I think it's because I didn't expect it to be so much like a movie. It's more storyline than gameplay, and it's heavy on the cliches. But I ended up finding it unexpectedly dramatic and emotional.

It stars Ron Cephas Jones as the coach of the Dallas Cowboys, Friday Night Lights' Scott Porter as a player who feels a lot like his character on Friday Night Lights and even, weirdly, Rob Schneider as the Cowboys' general manager. The cast is generally great. The music is well done. It worked for me -- even though the simple storyline paralleling the NFL preseason and two players trying to make a roster seems pretty basic.

Somewhere in the middle of Ron Cephas Jones' heartfelt soliloquy on aging and parenthood, I shed a tear.

Steve Jobs lied to his daughter about name of the Apple Lisa

It might seem obvious that the Apple Lisa, released in 1983, was named for Apple co-founder Steve Jobs' daughter Lisa, who was born in 1978.

But in her upcoming memoir, Small Fry, Lisa Brennan-Jobs reveals that her father lied to her about the name up until she was 27, and it was U2 front man Bono who exposed the truth.

In the fascinating and emotional excerpt, published in the September issue of Vanity Fair, Brennan-Jobs discusses her complicated relationship with her famous father, who denied paternity until a 1980 DNA test proved otherwise.

Hear Steve Jobs nail the future of mobile a decade ago
Doom creator John Carmack's thoughts on Steve Jobs are a must read
As for the Lisa, it was a commercial failure, with 3,000 unsold computers later buried in a Utah landfill. When Brennan-Jobs bragged to her school friends about her namesake, they responded that they'd never heard of a computer called Lisa. But for Brennan-Jobs, the belief that it was named for her could bring her closer to the famous man who was, in some ways, more legend than family member.

When she was in high school, she finally asked him about it. "I tried to sound like I was curious, nothing more," she writes. "If he would just give me this one thing."

But Jobs denied it in a "clipped, dismissive voice," she says, adding, "Sorry, kid."

Apple ordered to pay $145M in damages for patent infringement

A jury says Apple must pay $145 million in damages for patent infringement.

Apple must pay Canadian patent licensing company WiLan $145.1 million in damages for patent infringement, a California jury ruled Wednesday.

The jury said that some iPhone models infringed two WiLan wireless communications technology patents.

One of those is for a "method and apparatus for bandwidth request protocols in a wireless communication system" and the other is for "adaptive call admission control for use in a wireless communication system," 9to5Mac reports.

iOS 12 Public Beta
iOS 12 public beta: The best features
Apple rejected infringement claims in pretrial filings, and reportedly plans to appeal the verdict.

This is second time the companies have met in court. Apple was found not guilty of infringing on other WiLan wireless networking technology patents in October 2013.

Neither Apple nor WiLan immediately responded to requests for comment.

Apple settled a long-running patent dispute with Samsung last June in a case that went all the way to the Supreme Court.

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7 Wireless Technologies That Make the World Go Round

Wi-fi era is everywhere. Whether it is buzz approximately something new or a product presently to be had, I can not undergo a day with out analyzing or bumping into some thing associated with wi-fi technology.There are seven built in wi-fi technology that make the sector go spherical. Once I say "constructed in" i'm talking approximately merchandise which have wi-fi era in the device. Most familiar to most people are wireless USB, Bluetooth and RFID. However, there are four greater technology you need to at the least realize about. So right here are all seven technology: WUSB, Bluetooth, RFID, WiMedia, UWB, NFC and ZigBee.

WiMedia - WiMedia refers to the ultra huge Band radio platform which permits high data transfer fees. The aim of WiMedia is to standardize the protocols or code utilized in wireless gadgets. For instance, WiMedia requirements are utilized in extremely wide Band (UWB), Bluetooth and WUSB generation merchandise. The stop result for a consumer is that WiMedia ensures wireless gadgets paintings together without an quit-user knowing about set-up techniques or configuration options. I wager you may say plug-n-play, however we are speaking about wi-fi.
UWB or ultra Wideband - UWB is wi-fi generation running in a radio frequency extra then 500MHz. What this means is that UWB is terrific for sending a whole lot of information wirelessly.

The transfer of facts in this radio frequency works as a pulse. Because of the extraordinarily low emission degrees allowed by way of the FCC, UWB systems have a tendency to be short-variety and interior. With the short period of these pulses it is less complicated to transfer excessive amounts of data, but also can be engineered to switch less facts over an extended distance. It's the deliver-n-take of UWB.

An example of excessive records switch prices the usage of the UWB generation could be wireless pc video display units or virtual camcorders playing video with out the need of a bunch laptop or wired connection to the television.
WUSB or wi-fi USB - wi-fi USB is the mixture of excessive speed facts switch rates with the benefit-of-use of USB connectivity. WUSB takes USB one step further and removes the cable from the relationship.

WUSB makes use of the ultra huge Band radio frequency era and preferred. What WUSB has completed to the UWB is undertake the essential protocols to have it work with USB connectors (or ports). As with Bluetooth, wireless USB is good for quick range networks - generally called non-public networks.

WUSB has grow to be very robust in personal networks around the workplace, as an instance networking your computer collectively with mouse, keyboard, printer and digital camera is usually carried out through WUSB. Bluetooth has end up very famous for personal networks in relation to mobile gadgets, which includes cell telephones, headsets and PDAs.

What WUSB truely brings to the table is the extensive variety of merchandise the use of the connection fashionable of USB to a global with out wires.
About wireless USB

Bluetooth - Bluetooth is a short variety radio communications approach perfect for small networks - generally referred to as non-public networks. Bluetooth is precise because it has 3 one of a kind instructions to define how some distance it will talk; 1 meter, 10 meters and one hundred meters.

An instance of a private network would be a Bluetooth headset and it's base unit, or cellular cellphone. Another instance might be a wi-fi network between your laptop, keyboard, mouse and printer.

Bluetooth works at the same frequency as many cordless telephones and microwaves - the 2.4GHz range - however since the energy output is very small there aren't any actual health issues with Bluetooth generation.
RFID or Radio Frequency identification - RFID is an automatic identity method used to assign an identity to an object. Maximum commonplace is an RFID tag positioned on an object. The tag is really a silicon chip which homes an internal antenna. When an external electrical current hits the RFID tag a reaction is generated which tells the identification of the object.

There are  types of tags. 1) Passive - a tag which does now not have internal electricity, but alternatively makes use of the electric pulse despatched to it to wake-up and ship a response. 2) energetic - a tag which makes use of inner electricity to provide an id reaction.

 Examples you could perceive with would be a passive RFID tag used in a shopping center or garb store. These are tags attached to garb (or item) which sound a store alarm whilst not removed.

An example of the energetic RFID tag will be the toll-avenue transponders. Right here you have got a battery powered RFID unit that communicates with the toll-road provider to automobile price your account for use of the street.
NFC or near area conversation - NFC is a wireless era aimed at being used in cell phones. The basis of this technology is primarily based off magnetic area induction. Some other words, a magnetic discipline is used to spark off a device while in near proximity. The furthest distance NFC works is 20 centimeters - so i am speaking real close!

In exciting instance might be on foot beyond a movie poster and waving your cell telephone in the front of it to down load the trailer. A actual global instance is the use of your cell phone to make a payment and as a substitute then swipe a credit card you would definitely contact the cellphone to a terminal and the transaction could be finished. This technology is likewise being carried out into credit score cards.
About NFC

ZigBee - Is a wi-fi protocol used in low-powered gadgets that don't transfer a whole lot of statistics, want a long battery lifestyles and speak on a secure network. The ZigBee era is primarily based of RF or radio frequency programs.

A realistic instance of the ZigBee era is a domestic community system controlling gadgets together with lighting fixtures, safety systems, hearth alarms, heating and air con. This case demonstrates each "item" wanting to talk with a relevant station and feature low information transfer needs (light on, light off) at the side of an extended battery lifestyles.

In the picture you may see the red lines as routing links where the wireless signal "touches" each device along with a gray hyperlink which results in an quit factor, or manipulate factor.
Approximately Zigbee

in case you word, i've no longer blanketed WiFi and the cause is easy. WiFi isn't always a technology embedded right into a product. Further, WiFi needs configuration and isn't always plug-n-play because the technologies stated above. The power in WiFi is the potential to address a couple of gadgets over an extended distance even as preserving excessive transfer costs.

The Non-Hostile Overview Of Choosing A PC Or Mac For Your Computing Needs

For maximum laptop customers, identifying between a pc and a Mac isn't typically a lifestyles and death choice, however attempt telling that to the diehard era buffs and you'll have simply stirred-up a hornet's nest. The laptop or Mac debate is one of those tempests in a technological teapot that in no way ceases to loosen up. A few have dubbed it the new bloodless struggle, in which getting an impartial opinion from experts over a easy buying decision like a computer or a Mac is regularly an exercise in futility, leaving you questioning if that antique, Underwood 5 typewriter remains inside the attic.

However do not depression. By the stop of this text, you have to be capable of draw your personal conclusions about your selected preference and maybe, even add to the ever-dividing fanbase of either Gates or Jobs.

These days, the private laptop endearingly referred to as "pc," is generally understood to be related to Microsoft's home windows operating machine. Although commonplace feel says that the Mac is likewise a non-public laptop, it has come to be sacrilegious to refer to it as a "computer." The Mac uses an operating gadget referred to as OS X and its working systems are often mythical for its prettier interfaces.

When determining among these two computer titans, it is crucial to maintain in mind what your wishes are earlier than coming to any buying selection. If we had been to turn lower back the clock to the 90s, this decision would had been pretty smooth. The Mac then changed into the layout and print enterprise's desire for all things photograph-orientated. The laptop alternatively, become restrained to everyday use inside the workplace and the house. This will have explained the exorbitant pricing discrepancy among each computer systems then.

Nowadays, this difference has been blurred. Despite the fact that, the Mac nonetheless costs extra than the average pc, it's locating itself in extra houses and workplaces than at another time in Mac records. Therefore, dissecting the professionals and cons becomes all the extra vital before making an investment any sort of cash for those over-sized devices.

So, allow's spoil it down and get you shifting within the proper route. Those comparisons do observe to both computer systems and laptops.

Hardware and performance

The pc

dollar for dollar, the computer offers greater hardware specs than the Mac, which for the finances-conscious, getting a computer calls for no in addition deliberation. Intel-based totally twin-center CPU permits for blistering pace at the computer even for the maximum trendy-purpose laptop person with a budget of much less than a $1,000. In case you force a hard good buy, head over to great purchase and you can get a pc for much less than $350.

A ramification of computer laptop sizes are also to be had, from the small form issue to the total tower case kinds. Once more, sizes are an instantaneous relation to the wishes of the user, so do now not mistake an all-in-one like the Sony VAIO to have the identical strength managing and velocity of a mid-tower case like Dell.

Whilst a power-user, whether the use of the computer for gaming or turning it right into a mini home-theater machine even as running enterprise applications on it, the computer is still able to meet all the ones needs at a totally affordable fee. Good buy basement fees are the main cause why pcs nevertheless dominate the computing device and pc markets. It's far economically-driven and caters to all segments of the buying public. Attempt as you would possibly, you may by no means get a Mac for everywhere near $350.

Performance-clever, pcs are nonetheless very price-effective. Upgrading the graphics card, RAM or hard disk area is still an awful lot cheaper than having to shop for a brand new computer altogether. This makes it actually easy for anybody to customize their computer without disturbing about maxing out their credit score playing cards. Any other benefit to this is that organizations running multiple pcs may have a far less difficult time locating alternative elements or even upgrading additives just because it is so widely to be had at a completely low cost.

As some distance as the operating system goes, Vista is the very contemporary introduction from Microsoft, despite the fact that home windows XP is presently the extra solid model. In line with Gartner, XP may be set up on extra than seventy seven percentage of pcs global by means of the quit of 2007 at the same time as Vista would possibly move slowly to pretty much 12 percent. This shows that if you're making plans to get a pc, shopping for one with home windows XP mounted remains the favored choice over the state-of-the-art Vista.

The Mac

in case you're purchasing for prestige in place of charge, then Apple's Mac is set as prestigious as it gets. Macs are about popularity, and status normally comes with a hefty rate tag. Not like the pc, there is no such thing as a absolutely "stripped-down" Mac. For this reason, the laptop being higher value dollar for dollar. But on the other hand, the Mac changed into in no way truely built for the budget-conscious. As an alternative, it was targeted for those craving an "appliance" with fashion and revolutionary layout, and Apple rarely fails to deliver on this. You would only should go to an Apple store for evidence.

As a long way as performance goes, Macs are up there with the quality of them. There has been a point in records wherein pcs had been main the % in terms of ways speedy they done. Mac's G4 processors had been never idea to be pretty as speedy as the pc's Intel Pentium four. However, Apple changed all that ultimate 12 months when it introduced that their Macs will now bring the Intel processor, just like pcs. Apple's migration to Intel processors has now made Intel-primarily based Macs  to three times quicker than ever before. However, that's now not all.

Apple has a brand new generation called Boot Camp that allows you to run Microsoft's windows on Intel-primarily based Macs. This means you could have the pleasant of Microsoft and the Mac on one stylish-searching computer. Software program compatibility problems will quickly be a aspect of the beyond, despite the fact that power-customers will nonetheless locate it tough to customize and upgrade the Mac's hardware. The equal trouble applies to groups the usage of Macs because Apple maintains a good grip on its supply chain.

Mac's present day running gadget, the OS X is reportedly a ways superior to Microsoft's working systems. Its promoting points range from person pleasant interfaces with appealing intuitive functions, to a extra comfy, strong and virus-free working system. These elements are generally sufficient to get the greater safety-aware among buyers, to hop on board the Mac bandwagon.

Software, applications and uses

The pc

desktops genuinely have a miles wider variety of software program of various functions to be had compared to the Mac, giving purchasers an expansion of alternatives to choose from. That is why you will find maximum hardcore game enthusiasts preferring desktops over Macs due to this availability of gaming software.

Business customers will discover that Microsoft workplace is enough to manipulate their documentation and shows, hardly requiring more bells and whistles to meet their commercial enterprise wishes. Small businesses not often need to move past what Microsoft workplace 2003 and the latest office 2007 offer, the usage of add-on software program only for better productiveness. Also, compatibility problems are rarely a factor of competition with Microsoft workplace because maximum computer systems apprehend its format. In other words, in case you're walking a business and workplace packages are all you need, then deciding on a computer might be the correct desire for you.

Other uses for the pc inclusive of net browsing, chatting on-line and e-mailing typically come as bundled software program containing these applications, whilst additional peripherals are broadly available in maximum digital shops. Pc producers like Dell have made installing extra peripherals extremely smooth, as long as your pc has the proper ports (USB, FireWire, Ethernet, audio and video ports) available. As an example, if you're an avid photographer, loading images onto your computer might require a USB or FireWire port to connect your virtual camera to the laptop. Most computers today come with those ports pre-mounted, so not to worry.

The Mac

The tradeoff of having a cozy, albeit tightly managed Mac running device is the dearth of selections in software program. Mac enthusiasts argue that this loss of software compatibility approach lesser technical troubles to address. A high-quality manner of looking at things, but Mac users haven't any real want to complain about software troubles. Commercial enterprise customers on a Mac can quite without difficulty trade Microsoft office files with colleagues or customers on a computer.

However in which the Mac actually shines in phrases of software program and packages is in multimedia. In all honesty, the Mac is far superior to the computer with regards to multimedia applications. If your business revolves around multimedia or multimedia is a extreme hobby, then getting a Mac is a must.

The iLife suite that comes with the Mac affords complete multimedia abilties, permitting every person to create professionally finished products. It's far setup in the sort of manner that a whole newbie will have no problems churning out high-quality audio or video merchandise on the fly. Whether or not it's buying music from the iTunes keep, recording and burning DVDs, putting in a image studio in your laptop, chatting and speaking online, or blogging, the iLife suite has you included. The Mac has come to be a important answer for the virtual life-style enthusiast.


deciding on among a pc and a Mac truly boils down to what you want to do together with your pc and the way you are going to use it. If you need more bang-for-your-dollar or extra gaming alternatives, then the computer is the way to head. If you're leaning in the direction of better balance, much less gadget crashes and security breaches, then the Mac is the superior desire.

Weigh the pros and cons in opposition to your wishes and you have to be able to draw your own conclusions approximately the worthier computer for you. However, for the remaining experience, why no longer purchase an Intel-based totally Mac and run home windows on it? That could probable be the nearest aspect yet, to playing the "ideal computing experience."